My September FAB-BAG

Finally, The long wait is over. The most awaited FAB-BAG for September month has arrived. This is the 2nd anniversary of FAB-BAG which means it has to have something special with it 🙂 Well the very first catchy thing is the leopard print bag which is simply awesome.


First product is the BellaPierre Mineral blush.  The shade is Autumn Glow.  This one’s Made in U.S.A . The net qty is 4 gms and it is definitely enough for one’s use. The Full size costs 3400 INR. A superb blush which has got an amazing shade, which should suit me well. It has got a nice metallic shimmer particles to give you that Glam look. There are so many best things about this one. It has got SPF 15 which I totally loved and it has got the leaping Bunny sign! Which means it is cruelty free, Wow! (PETA, Where are u 🙂 ) It feels wonderful to use such cosmetic products. Doesn’t it?


The second product is the Skin Yoga Almond Orange Face scrub.The full size cost 1175 INR. It says “Cleanses,repairs,lightens skin naturally”  The ingredients are Almond meal,Orange peel, Chickpea flour,Turmeric. This ones all natural ingredients “Made in India” product. It is to be mixed with water and used as a scrub. I was really happy to receive this product since a day before I got my Fab Bag I was just browsing over internet to buy a nice scrub which for some reason fortunately I didn’t buy 😀

Skin Yoga

Next is Sally Hansen Nail growth Miracle. It seems to be full pack and not a sample. The MRP Printed is 875 INR. There is a complementary gift with this which is a manicure kit. The pack is really cute and travel friendly.

It says 30% longer nails in JUST 5 DAYS! Well, That definitely sounds miraculous 😉 I have a problem of Thin soft nails which very easily gets damaged. This product claims to overcome these problems by just applying it as a base coat every other day.

DSC_0015Sally Hansen

Since it is the 2nd Anniversary of Fab bag, There was an additional gift with every bag, which is a funky looking scarf. I got a leopard print scarf exactly matching to the September Fab Bag 🙂 Along with all this there was a small booklet which had details of all the products in the Bag along with more additional products.

All in all, It was a very exciting package of products. I am looking forward to getting this more often 🙂


I shall be soon reviewing the individual products in detail for everyone. Till then, Stay Beautiful!

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Lakme eyeconic KAJAL

So Here’s a review  for Lakme eyeconic KAJAL (Black) . I am probably one of the biggest Fans of Eye Makeup and I would go to any extent to achieve that one look I have always wanted. Having said that,  You can count on the Kajal that I select for my daily routine eye makeup 😉

Everyone wants a kajal that provides thick intense look and is 100% smudge free. Should be quick and easy to apply and be travel friendly.

About Lakme eyeconic KAJAL ,

The outer appearance:

Sleek black looking stick which has got a high quality plastic body around 5 inches long. The body has got every possible detailing of the product like the manufacturing date, expiry, manufactured and imported by details.

The quantity is 0.35 g which will cost you 199 INR (The cost has increased since my 1st buy, I believe due the huge demand ). It is manufactured in Heroldsberg Germany and Imported by Hindustan Unilever Ltd. in India.


What the Company claims:

Key Features:

Water-proof, Smudge-proof, Convenient Twist- up Format, Lasts up to 10 hrs, Safe for Eyes, Easy to apply – 1 Stroke

The Fact:

As I said, No single day goes by without Kajal in my eyes. I picked this kajal after one of my sisters suggestion. I must say, This is what I have been looking for my whole life  😀 Yes, I am so in love with this Kajal! I have used Maybelline too but, I loved this one totally.

Waterproof: I would say yes. There have been instances where I had to wash my face frequently, But this pretty guy would stay right there sitting intact.

Smudge Proof: Hell Yeah! For all Kajal lovers, This is one of the most important features a Kajal must must have. This one’s a keeper for it doesn’t  smudge a bit around  my eyes. I also happen to  sleep once over night without removing it 😀 , And to my surprise it stayed and barely smudged.  Only one application in the morning and it goes all the way till I am back from office in the evening.

Lasts 10 hours: In many cases it did last beyond that 😼

The quantity despite being 0.35 g lasts for around a month and a half.

The Swatch:

The one on the left is 2 deep strokes and the one on the right hand side is a single light stroke without any pressure to the stick. The texture is thick creamy and moves smoothly on the waterline. It also makes my lower lashes look thicker and imparts a deep black color.


The verdict: 5/5




Convenient Twist- up Format

Lasts up to 10 hrs

Safe for Eyes

Easy to apply



My take:

I have finished around 4 sticks of this kajal and this is something I can’t live without. I will definitely continue using this until I buy and try a tie breaker. I would absolutely suggest buying  Lakme eyeconic KAJAL to everyone.

Please share your comments for any questions or suggestions.

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Till then Stay beautiful!

LakmĂ© Nine to Five Day Perfect Lip Color- Apricot Nectar

Back again with another wonderful Lip color Review.

It is  Lakme Nine to Five Day Perfect Lip Color- Apricot Nectar this time. I have used this Lipstick well enough ( By well enough I literally mean well enough 😛 See the Images ) to write a review .

The outer Appearance:

Nice metallic looking body which will retain its shine until the end of its life 😀 The body is fairly sturdy.

Is pretty much available everywhere in Stores and online and costs around 400-450 INR. Why wouldn’t it be, It is Lakme’s much acclaimed Lipstick range.

DSC_0186-001IMG_20140906_185350-001(See I said well enough 😛 )

What the company claims:
Lakmé Nine to Five Day Perfect Lip Color is an intense, creamy with natural oils that forms a light and nourishing, color rich, lasting coat on your Lips.

STYLE NOTE : Lakmé lip colors are as much about nourishment for your lips as they are about long lasting rich color. Lakmé Nine to Five Day Perfect Lip Color range comes equipped with long-wearing comfort technology which forms a thin luminous film that locks the color in for a long time. Your office make up kit is incomplete without this.

The fact:

Well I must say Lakme 9 to 5 lipstick range has got brilliant colors perfect for office use. It has got a creamy texture and a very nice matte finish. Rub it twice and you get that perfect opaque color on your lips. I wasn’t really happy with the shade when I opened the package, But The moment it was on my lips, I went crazy for this Lip color. I used it every every day until the bullet was completely flattened 😀

About the shade Apricot nectar, Oh my, I have totally fallen in love with this. It is difficult to define the color. But definitely, Be it  light lips or Dark , One wouldn’t ever make out if 2 coats of this lipstick is applied 😛

The smell is so nice and tasty that you feel like eating it up.

The Swatch:

I have rubbed it twice and it has given a  great opaque cover. As the company claims  It does provide intense color with decent moisturization. It won’t become patchy at all. What it doesn’t do is last long on your lip. I believe it stays hardly for 3-4 hour rather than what the company claims.



The Verdict: 4/5 (1 point loss due to the staying power)


Intense colour

Opaque with only 2 coats.

Rich creamy texture with wonderful smell.

Glam and sturdy package.


Not long lasting as claimed.

My take:

I wouldn’t mind the staying power as I pretty much maintain any lipstick on my Lips well 😉 I would definitely recommend buying this range. Preferably I would try another shade this time.


MTV MUAH By Blue Haven

Hi all beautiful ladies,

Here’s my very first review for the blog. I am going to review MTV MUAH by Blue haven lipstick shade that I recently purchased from an online store.I never had a plan of buying this lipstick, But while ordering another product I just landed to this page and the offer was irresistible 😀

So lets start with,


The appearance first.

The lipstick was received tightly covered with a transparent plastic which was neat enough. There was no outer box of any sorts  in which it was kept.

I brought this lipstick at a cost of 178 rs (Unbelievable :o) for a pack of TWO! (Again unbelievable)

Hence didn’t really expect much from it.I wanted a very basic natural inky pinky shade that would be suitable for everyday use Hence I picked this one which is shade 12 and I got another free shade with it, which I honestly didn’t care about 😉

The quality of the outer cover is alright, what would one expect at the price of a peanut 😛 The click lock is perfect and tightly locks the lipstick. I believe it varies with what you get as the lock for the second shade is lose comparatively but not really lose and does its job quite well.



The quantity is 2.5 gm close to half the size of usual lipsticks which makes the cost justified. The manufacturing date is mentioned on the stick but doesn’t provide the shelf life. The company doesn’t disclose the ingredients which make me suspicious  😼 But alright for this cost again.

The inner stuff

As I said, I didn’t really have much expectations from this lipstick but I was proved wrong. The shade is perfect perfect shade that any girl would love to wear without any hesitation. It would go with any complexion and give your face that wonderful natural pink looking glow.

It glides smooth on the lips, It has got a decent moisturization for your lips to make them feel soft.

The color tint is really good for a subtle look and should stay on the lips for around 5-6 hours without any snacking. In my case even after having lunch and an evening snacks, The lipstick pigments were sill there 😼 Without any need of touch up.



The smell is a bit like umm…caramel? or sort of chocolaty…but nothing to be irritated of and completely goes off after sometime of application. It doesn’t seep into the lip cracks and softens evenly. You would not really need a lip balm to use this one. Though I prefer adding a base coat of a lip balm to make it appear more plump and rich 😀

The swatch

Gliding it once will give you a beautiful subtle color and rubbing it more than 2 times gives it a deeper soft pink tone. So you can use it as per your choice.


The verdict: 4/5


Pocket friendly

Good click lock.

Wonderful shade that any body would love.

Good moisturizer.

Decent stay power.

Brand name.


Small size 2.5 gm (Does it matter at this cost?)

My take:

I have fallen in love for this overall package and would love to try on all shades available from MTV MUAH by Blue Haven.

Please leave your comments if you like the review also your suggestions are welcome for a more ideal review 🙂


Catch u up soon with more reviews. Til then, stay beautiful and happening!

Maybelline New York ColorSensational Lipcolor, Summer Sunset 615

Hello Ladies,

I will be reviewing “Maybelline New York ColorSensational Lipcolor 615 Summer Sunset” today. I brought this one from Shoppers Stop Last November. But have only started using it lately, Say around 2 months Back.

What’s the outer Appearance like

When it comes to brands like Maybelline, You are never left disappointed.A rich looking beautiful red colored top with a nice silver base. The locks are perfect and serves its purpose well.


Its costs 375 Rs. for 4.2 gm’s . Well, I am not sure about the shelf life as the pack that I brought last year has an expiry  date as Dec 2015 Which I assume should be around 2 years. Well, Good enough 🙂

What the company claims:

Smoother, more nourished lips instantly. The freshest, most fabulous color. Color sensational lip color’s exclusive nourishing honey nectar dramatically hydrates beyond perfection. Discover a sensational improvement in overall lip appearance.

The reality:

I absolutely love the quality of the lipstick. The color is more of an orange tone as the name Implies (Summer Sunset) But not loud at all. It has an Orange tint to it. I prefer wearing it everyday since the color looks decent to be worn with any Attire. I have been using it since 2 months and still there is close to half stick left to be finished. As the company claims Honey nectar definitely hydrates your Lips. No need for any Lip balm or Lip gloss at all. Its does provide a dramatic improvement to over all Lip Appearance.

The Swatch:

One single layer provides a wonderful color tint to your lips! I have rubbed the stick only once in the swatch below. It gives equal results on the lips too.I have put 2 pics in different light conditions.



The below swatch effect is achieved after rubbing  around 2 – 3  lipstick layer. Look at the stunning look it gives in the image. It is more stunning on the lips.

The staying power for this lipstick is around 4-5 hours best and then It will gradually fade away. Since I don’t have the habit of licking my lips every time by the end of the day a faded color tint is left over my lips. This staying power is without any snacking.

The Verdict: 4.5/5


Brand Name. 5 Star for the intense color coverage. Moisturizing Packing


None that I see.

My Take: I am very particular about not using even a slightest orange tone on my lips, But this one’s changed my choice. I totally loved it. Go for it galz.

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